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Cream puff course

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  • Number of players

    10-250 People

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    Food and drinks

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    The whole country

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Invite your colleagues on a cozy Cream Puff course, where you learn how to create cream puffs so that your mouth water runs.

A fun kitchen challenge

A course in making cream puffs is a fun and challenging activity where you learn how to make the delicious dessert. With AWA, you learn how to make the most delicious cream puffs – whether it is in your own kitchen or with us in Valby.

Choose your own recipes

During the course you will have the opportunity to choose between traditional cream puffs with and without coconut, different chocolate covers and different fillings. Traditionally, the filling tastes like vanilla, and you also have the opportunity to try your hand at different fruit fillings, such as a specific seasonal fruit.

Bring home the cream puffs

When you have been on the Creamball course and produced some good copies yourself, you get a box with your own cream puffs home. Then you also have the opportunity to pamper your loved ones with some nice and tasty cream puffs – and maybe a few good stories from the course.

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