Rum tasting

Rum tasting

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Forget bad rum mixed up with coke. Here you will taste 8 kinds of pure qualityrom, which has been in oak barrels for up to 20 years. You get rum that's so good it's called 'candy for adults'.

Brown vintagerom for the corporate event

The rum for AWA's rum tasting has, through a long ageing, received sweetness and different flavors from oak barrels, which have previously been used for Bourbon whiskey. In other words, it is what you call brown vintage roe (Añejo in Spanish) you will taste – and other rum wishes are of course always welcome..

No thinner, even if you are a beginner

Of course, you will taste the rum clean, as it is the good quality roe that must be tasted, assessed and discussed. Whether you sink the rum or not is entirely up to the individual. The Rome tasting is, of course, accompanied by knowledgeable storytelling – including about the rum in the service of the navy.

Choose the rum yourself - or make us do it

Throughout the event, you will of course have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. You also have the opportunity to choose what types of rum to taste. Usually you will taste 8 different rums. 

We are happy to organize the tasting so that you will taste the 4 different main types:

  • Cuban/Spanish style
  • Demerara style
  • The French style - 'Rhum Agricole'
  • Sailor style - 'Navy Space'

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