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VR Casa Del Papel

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  • Number of players

    10-100 People

  • Event category

    Indoor Teambuilding Exercises

  • Location

    The whole country

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  • Price

    B - Medium price level

VR Teambuilding a la Papirhuset

Have you, like many other Danes, devoured the popular Netflix series La Casa De Papel (also known as The Paper House)? Now's your chance to live the dream like Tokyo, Rio and everyone else in virtual reality on a team day like no other.

A successful robbery requires good planning, and good planning requires effective communication. With this team building activity, you will have a VR experience where you will test your teamwork skills while solving puzzles and tasks in the virtual universe known from the TV series.

Cooperation is put to the test when you have to use your individual skills to pull off the perfect bank heist. Just like the main characters in The Paper House. Afterwards, you'll have a much better understanding of yourselves, each other and the team as a whole. You will see what it is you each bring to the team. What it is that makes YOU indispensable. Because you are indispensable. You each bring something extraordinary to the table. It's easy to forget when everyday life is going at 120 an hour. This team building activity reminds you of that.

How it works

Along the way, you'll take turns being in the Spanish National Bank and in the real world - so it's vital that you communicate clearly as a team. Those of you in the real world will be given a wide range of information to pass on to your teammate inside the National Bank. Of course, you'll take turns along the way so that you all get a chance to feel the intense atmosphere of the TV series.

Our La Casa de Papel VR escape game challenges your collaboration and problem-solving skills in a new and refreshing way. Along the way, you'll discover that clear communication is crucial to your success together. Whether it's disarming bombs and breaking into safes, or the tasks you face in your day-to-day office life. You will gain skills, knowledge and insights that you are sure to benefit from in the future.

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